Inzaghi of Lazio Compels Inquest upon Roma Following a Defeat in Derby

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Simone Inzaghi couldn’t allow a celebration for himself right away. The derby of Rome had been 12 minuted old when Robin Olsen had been rounded by Felipe Caicedo and has scored the opening goal at Stadio Olimpico. Even though the forward hurdled the hoardings of advertisements and rushed to the nearest official for double-checking that the strike is going to stand.

Every goal that is scored in Serie A is going to be reviewed by the VAR booth automatically. They have seen many high-profile reversals. Inzaghi has always been an opponent who is vocal about the technology in previous times and he has contented the fact that it takes away the emotion from football.

During this time, his hesitation had also come from the disbelief. He thought can it really be that easy to make way through the defense of Roma. There has been not much danger as Luis Alberto went for the throw-in in the halfway-line. However the sent over the ball to Correa as he split Juan Jesus and Federico Fazio with a gentle through ball. Caicedo had enough time for running around the Brazilian prior to advancing on the keeper.

“It had been pretty easy for Inzaghi to let loose at the eighty-ninth minute as Danilo Cataldi made score 3-0 to Lazio“. The midfielder had been left almost at the edge of the space where he got a lay-off from Savic prior to curling a “shot across the body“ and also towards the right-hand corner of the net.

Lazio’s advantage had been paddled by Ciro Immobole with a penalty. Yet again, the defending of Roma had been quite poor. Fazio let Correa to go behind him without much effort and waited till the opponent had broken into box prior to pulling him down.

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